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Writer, Philosopher, Poet

HER PUNISHMENT 2_edited.jpg


An Erotic Novelette

A dark erotic novelette from Readers' Favorite award-winning novelist, Felix Alexander.

Majica is done.
She has waited five years for Ricardo to marry her.
She will not wait any longer.
After several weeks of being away,

she returns home for her belongings.
She thought he would not be home.
She was wrong.
He intends to punish her for leaving him, and for the lie.
Trapped alone with him, she is lured into their private chamber.
He wants her to himself

and refuses to believe she doesn't love him anymore.
Ricardo always gets what he wants.

Though Majica resists,

she struggles to reconcile his passion with his love,

but she remembers their agreement:

once inside the private room there is no protesting,

only submission.

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