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Aiden Leonardo Series Book 1

"Perfect for Dan Brown fans!" ~Publishers Weekly

An ancient prophecy. A devastating revelation. The Holy Land on the brink of war.

When a theoretical physicist is found dead on the steps of the eastern triple arched Huldah Gates of the Temple Mount hours before a technological summit in Tel Aviv is set to begin, Professor of Biblical Studies Aiden Leonardo is sought for questioning in connection to the murder. But what begins as a simple inquiry about Aiden’s meeting with the victim on the previous night erupts into a race against the clock to prevent the unthinkable from occurring in Jerusalem.

Tension in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached its peak. With rumors about a “Jewish Plan” to destroy the al-Aqsa mosque and build the Jewish third temple on its remnants, and growing resentment in the hearts of Palestinians toward their Israeli neighbors, a technological summit threatens to push the conflict beyond its tipping point with Artificial Intelligence presenting a philosophical perspective that will change our view of religion forever.

Religious extremists hold Jerusalem hostage when a message reveals that bombs are scattered throughout the Old City. The United Nations convene as militaries around the globe prepare for war. With time ticking away, Aiden joins forces with a chief inspector of the Israel police force, and a director of the technological summit well-versed in religious history to locate the and disarm the bombs.

They embark on a frantic hunt through the catacombs of the ancient city, sacred sites, and forgotten tombs, using scripture and the Dead Sea Scrolls to reveal their enemies and prevent Armageddon from occurring as the prophets had foretold. Their only hope lies in the words that remained unchanged for 2,000 years, but could threaten the validity of the most revered faith on earth.

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