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Valentine's Day 2024

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Cupid's Up to Something

“What happens when Cupid meets the love of your life and decides to keep her for himself?”

Nadine and Armand meet by chance, and upon looking into each other's eyes, they feel a stir in their souls. Guarded from love and reluctant to be vulnerable again, they let the moment pass and continue their lives.

Armand is a reclusive writer who hides from heartbreak by writing love letters and wedding vows for clients who feel love but cannot find the words. Nadine is an intelligent, successful professional who volunteers at a local bookstore and is not looking for anything resembling a relationship. To nudge Armand towards his fate with Nadine, a mysterious stranger named Vincent Cupidro approaches Armand under the guise of being his next client. Vincent, however, is none other than the god of love.

When Nadine reads one of Armand's letters, she is touched by the depth of love expressed with words. Soon, Nadine and Armand engage in anonymous correspondence without realizing they have already met. The exchanges fill a need neither knew they had, and they find a connection they didn't think they wanted. But when Vincent goes to the bookstore for another broken heart, he sees Nadine and falls in love. The Fates warn him of the consequences of his actions, but he pays no heed, and the fallout threatens all other loves like ripples in a pond. Amid a series of lost, first, and last loves colliding all around them, Nadine, Armand, and Cupid find themselves at the crossroads of destiny.

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